About Us

I am Rosana, the creator of Chewable Treasures Inc.
Chewable Treasures started in 2018 when our first baby was well into the teething stage, which was much harder than expected. For us it was definitely the hardest milestone to go through. I first discovered silicone teething accessories when I purchased a pacifier clip for our first baby. It wasn't until a while later that I decided to try creating them myself. I immediately fell in love with the creative side of creating teething accessories all the while being able to provide some relief for other babes and moms going through the same thing. I love being able to connect and understand other moms who are going through something similar. Trust me mama, the sleepless nights and crying do eventually end!
Since then, Chewable Treasures has been creating modern and high quality teething accessories that babies and moms will love. Safety and quality are our top priorities when creating new products. Our products have been mechanically and physically tested to ensure safe and compliant products for your little ones.